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Domainer Mike Mann gets the Boot from Google

Numerous articles from domainers are claiming a conspiracy by Google “blacklist” a charitable web site.  Mike Mann’s web site has been recently delisted by Google.  See the artcles here along with all the comments.

It looks like real story is that there was duplicate content at and and the meta description at said “Visit”  The Google cache of shows it was indexed in the last week or two.  Most likely Google saw duplicate content and dropped one of the sites.    Due to the meta tag added by the site owner it caused the to rank higher than  This can easily be fixed.

Mike Mann is a well known domainer who started and sold it several years ago.  Many people dislike him due because he is always claiming his work is for “charity” and many people are skeptical.  He also made his marriage disputes public on web sites.  He also sponsors parties at domain conventions as part of his charitable work.  He also owns

Menopause Dispute Hits

As reported at the domain has been hit with a dispute over the domain  Attorney John Berryhill has reported the company filing the dispute is a relatively new company.  One well-known requirement of filing a domain dispute is that the domain owner targeted the trademark holder.  John Berrhill’s clients have been hit with a number of these frivolous-sounding disputes.  in this case the complainant has an office just a few miles from John Berryhill’s law office.  Hugh Brownstone, a Wharton Graduate and Internet strategist is the company’s advisor.  Their linkedin profile states:

Personally Cool Inc. is a privately held, early stage consumer lifestyle products company based in Oceanside, New York and Paoli, Pennsylvania. Susie Hadas, President, mother of three and entrepreneur, founded Personally Cool so that women would not have to go through what she did to find smart and simple relief from the burning heat of menopausal hot flashes. With her brother Hugh Brownstone, a former Fortune Global 500 executive and now Personally Cool’s Chairman & CEO, Susie invented coldfront®, Personally Cool’s first product. She is committed to bringing effective, safe, convenient, discreet, and chic heat relief to hot flashing women everywhere, and to reframe the discussion around menopause and hot flashes. US and International patents pending.

The owner of the domain is Frank Schilling’s company who is a well-known domain investor who runs the blog.  In addition to domain sales the company also focusing on using its name to try to rope newcomers to the domain business into questionable investments such as .XXX domains.